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 [hoc] Heroes of Combat: Recruiting Adults

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PostSubject: [hoc] Heroes of Combat: Recruiting Adults   Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:47 pm

Hi everyone,

[hoc] Heroes of Combat recruits mature gamers (18+). We do not accept minors; [hoc] strongly believes [mature adults] = [better teamwork]. Our 26 members consist of family men, active military, and ex military guys. We are mostly casual gamers that do some competitive ladders. We have good times no matter what game we do: CombatArms, CoD4, or the Battlefield series. We also make clan videos and podcasts. We're always interested in new members who like talking about CombatArms, politics, and women. Join us on Ventrilo and our CoD4 server anytime.

Our door is always open and [hoc] Heroes of Combat welcomes you.

-Dirty D
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[hoc] Heroes of Combat: Recruiting Adults
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